Tuesday, 14 June 2016


When I worked in the city I was all for ornamental gardens and plants, even topiary on occasions. However now I have a garden that borrows a backdrop of wooden hillside and sprawling countryside this style of gardening no longer fits and therefore both myself and the garden now need to change our habits. For too long I worked but attempting to beat out the wild and unruly presence of nature and in its place crowbar in an entirely artificial creation of purely aesthetic design. In all truth there is never a better designer than nature, a hedgerow in spring is a delight to behold, a clump of foxgloves reclaiming a forest glade is a sight to behold and an abandoned quarry strewn with ferns a sight to make the even the best garden designer pack up their plans.
I now prefer to slowly rewild the garden, to allow nature a stronger control over what grows and where with just the right amount of selective planting and weeding going on. Looking to the countryside around me the years of cultivation are more than apparent, a landscape tamed by man and beast alike but with the wilds of before still keeping their presence heard.
On the wind blasted slopes of the peak district where sheep and rabbit join to crop the grass tight to the earth stately thistles stand tall and wild. The world around us looks good with a spot of rewilding.

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