Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wifeys waffle.

Pete asked me if I would like to write a little something on here as a ‘Guest blogger’.

Truth be told I don’t really know an awful lot about gardening. I know a fair bit about herbs and there wonderful powers in food and also as medicine’s but I don’t know an Agapanthus from a Zandestachia!

I absolutely adore Pete’s enthusiasm and passion for gardening. As a novice I love hearing about which plants do what, how they have evolved and how some very innocuous looking types can kill you if you eat them - Daffodils, Foxgloves and even the humble Buttercup!

It literally is another world and one I feel I’m learning about all the time without conscious effort.
Our garden is looking quite sorry for itself at the moment, what with all those inches of snow for weeks on end and icy winds. Pete is busy nurturing other people’s outdoor spaces and I am busy with our little baby. I long for a quiet weekend when I can strap Orla to my back and Pete and I can get mud under our fingernails again.
We live in a bit of a concrete jungle, with no good parks or woods nearby so our humble garden is more than just a bit of grass and earth, it soothes our overcomplicated minds, helps our bodies relax and awakens our senses to sights and smells.

We are so overjoyed to have a garden now after spending 2 years in a 1st floor flat, gazing out over a car park. Looking back I realise how low I felt, not being able to walk outside in a dressing gown with a cuppa. I’m so happy we can introduce our girl so early on to her very own wonderland of mini beasts and faerie dens.

Today I had my first garden related incident of the year chopping logs (well trying) and falling over a pallet and twisting my ankle, cutting my finger and bashing my head on a compost trough!
Here’s to a hopefully less accident prone year of garden activity!!