Friday, 3 June 2016


I can remember from the earliest age always having a fascination with collecting pieces of nature. Not just the usual pretty features and shiny we seaside pebbles but anything that seemed to me capture a moment in natural life. A snapshot of what nature can do. A fragment if you will of natures perfection.
I think a great deal of this fascination and desire came from my older brother who was already well into the collecting and had a room full of dead insects, birds nests, shells, pieces of driftwood, etc. The chance to actually have a fragment of nature in your hand to study at your leisure still excites me.
This photo is from my little clock shelf in my car and contains garden find from the last two years. Bird skulls, sheeps teeth, a mummified newt and a rodents jaw jostle with swallows eggshells, tiny feathers and micro pieces of intricate lichen.
Nature, stunning as a whole, fascinating as a fragment.

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