Saturday, 16 June 2012


June is here before we know it, finally we can say we’re into summer with winter a rapidly fading memory though let’s not forget that June is also a month of balance, before it’s out we’ll have had the longest day and midsummer. So it’ll no doubt be another classic British summer again meaning that we’ll more than likely be graced with days of rain and sun, a perfect weather soup for the garden while at the same time giving us chance to not only bask in hot blue skied days but also watch from the house as plants are watered and rain butts refilled.
What does June mean for the garden? Well it’ll be a time of rapid growth and constant attention to keep everything reasonably under control. I know in the past I’ve talked of how important it is to take time to potter and dwell in the garden but there also comes a time when gardeners need to set their minds and work steady. Weeds will be growing at a ferocious pace and the lawn will no doubt be spending time between rain sodden and sun baked, this is not a time for taking it overly easy, not when you can practically hear the garden growing. Having said that June is a wonderful month and there’s always time to stand still whilst enjoying a cuppa or two isn’t there?

Jobs this month:
Keep on top of the lawn; chances are it’ll be a weekly mow by now.
Consider any reseeding that need doing to the lawn.
Continue sowing cut and come again salad crops.
If not already done plant out annuals and bedding plants.
Feed and deadhead roses after flowering.
Prune shrubs that have finished flowering.
Any pots or newly planted trees and shrubs will need regular watering in hot weather.
Weed, weed and weed some more, many will be going to seed now so catch before they fall.
Stake any tall flowers that need it (foxglove, delphinium, hollyhock, etc).
With so much in flower it’s good to invest in a little floristry for the house too.
Some annuals or early flowering plants will be going to seed now, collect for sowing later.
Feed houseplants.